I like to say that my art career began with an oven rack. About nine years ago, I was in dire need of an oven rack for a turn-of-the-century oven in a turn-of-the-century house my husband and I had purchased. During the welding class I took to make the rack, I had an ephipany, a true moment, where I found something that I loved doing. It still excites and motivates me everyday. I often think that because I found this calling later in life, I appreciate it more than had I actually studied art in college. The joy I get from the freedom to create something that pleases myself and others still surprises me.

I am a native Floridian, one who still lives and loves the place I was born in. Everyday, I am blown away by the beauty that surrounds me. I use the paradise I live in as inpiration and subject matter for my work. Lucky me. I hope you enjoy it as well. Wake up and live!!